Saturday, December 17, 2005

two movies

Last week quite eventful with me spending two evenings at concerts and two others watching movies. The music concerts are quite well journaled in my music blog.

The movies are the purpose of the post. Let me first name the movies.

Anukukonda Okka Roju

yup, these are the two movies i watched. The movies were in telugu and much beyond all my perceptions, they were actually good. Actually why i watched the movies, by itself is an interesting incident. A friend of mine, was watching the first movie in his room and i dropped in. It was about 15 min since the begining of the movie. The frame on his monitor, showed the heroine of the movie and hence i sat along wiht him to watch the movie.

As the movie went on one could not devote any attention to the primary reason of the movie, the movie's story and cinematography and all that is otherwise there in the movie were so interesting and natural that one could not focus on the primary issue. The movie was superb to say the least. The story was quite interesting and the movie is shot in a very classical fashion.

And hence, i watched the second movie two days hence. This one is an earlier movie from the same team of people. And i guess i was right to watch the movies in that order this one was even more interesting and thrilling.

The indian movie industry is hope having some good and sensible people still hanging around.

I must thank Y Chandrasekhara for making these two movies and Naresh for letting me watch them with him and also translating the movie line by line.

UR GULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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