Friday, January 13, 2006

two more movies

i watched 'kasthoori maan' and 'arindhum ariyamalum', this week. One on comp and the other at OAT. The obsession to watching movies on comp or on TV makes one quite desparate to fast forward / skip / change channel when a song comes. This is true of most songs, but for really impressive ones, which are not all that (m)any now a days.

The movies were both on rather different themes. The first one, was quite a heroine based subject. The Lady of the movie, was the strong charecter and the story quite lying on her acting. The hero himself, was a side role in my opinion. Still, not something the cinema has not seen. The same old 'aracha maavu' of love affair and the some old relative trying to overpower the women and harassments and use of explicits and all that.

The second one, was rather more different. It does not talk of love, beyond the masala level. The expressions of fatherly love and his mental communications to his son were more prominent. In fact, it ends rather untraditionally, nothing is said about the love our hero falls into, in fact the last we hear about the love affair is the girl's father telling the boy to not disturb them at all.

A nice effort.

I Think This Is Great Post.
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