Saturday, March 11, 2006


"aiya allarukkum vanakkamunga, putcha indha blog pagekku colour poosi, varnish allam adchi, thodchi vechukeeren, paathuttu yepdi keedhunnu sollunga pa mavarasanungala. idhu fulla seiya solla rendu hour ayidchu ba"

This expression in madras tamil roughly translates to the following in english:

"Hello to one and all. I have changed the colours and looks of the blog page. Please comment. It took me full two hours to do it."

your sidebar is slisha too long no ?
its always been this long da
how about doing some more work and shifting bit of stuff to a sidebar kind of thing on the left side? its hazaar unused space...or atleast include a blogbox like mine which makes things more organised :D
and i was just going through all the links you got to the right...the pic that says orkut links to this come?!?
This is nice. You might consider moving some of those links from the sidebar to the page footer.
And another thought. The clock takes a bit of time to load. Is one really needed?
for the amount of time one wastes on this blog (and many others), the clock is an essentiality!! hope blogger incorporates it into the standard template next time on.. :D
i dont know what to do with the long side bar. shifting stuff downstairs may not be useful i guess.

the clock shall remain coz i want it there...
well the english version of madras tamil reads exactly the way its supposed to. good job!
sarath, naan unmaiyaana madras kaaran da
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