Thursday, March 09, 2006


Five things I can't live without

1. Carnatic Music
2. Internet
3. Food
4. Caffiene
5. Sleep

Five movies I'd see as many times

1. Mudhal Mariyadhai.
2. Aaha.
3. Aithe.
4. Vanjikottai Valiban.
5. Gol Maal.

Five places I've loved

1. Triplicane.
2. Kumbakonam.
3. Kalikambal Temple, George Town.
4. Raga Sudha Hall, Mylapore.
5. Theertha Malai. A beautiful hill in the western ghats with a few natural fresh water springs somewhere near Tamilnadu-Karnataka border

Five places I'd love to visit

1. Himalayas.
2. Monaco, on a race weekend.
3. Maansarovar Lake.
4. Konkan Railway.
5. Any village in thanjavur district (and buy a farmland there).

Five websites I visit day in and day out.


Five things I love doing during work time.

1. do work.
2. Listen to Carnatic Music.
3. Read F1 news.
4. Blog music on monday mornings, about the concerts i attended during the weekend.
5. Chat on yahoo/google.

Five books I've loved.

1. Ponniyin Selvan.
2. Gods, Demons and Others.
3. My Days.
4. Alai Osai.
5. Swami and Friends.

Five film songs I'd listen to anyday.

1. Nenjil kudiirukkum (Irumbu Thirai)
2. Idhu oru pon malai pozhudhu (Nizhalgal)
3. dil cheez kya hai (Umrao Jaan)
4. Mandram Vandha Thendralluku (Mouna Raagam)
5. Yen Iniya Pon Nilave (Moodu Pani)

Five People i respect a lot


Aung San Suu Kyi




Five Fictious Charecters I like






PS: I am writing this post, coz i m sitting here with nothing else to do, watching a comp screen while an experiment is going on.

writing this because i have nothing else to do and you claim you like to work when at work..what gibness?!? and yes, you are THE most vetti person in insti :-p
Exactly !

Jobless to the core da Bhaand..puts work at work..nicest try da !
'Monaco on a race weekend' - we have similar passions, mate!!!
how abt orkutting at work? isn't it there in the list?
and the new template looks awesome!.. i will copy this soon :P

PS: I couldnt comment for ur latest post, as the server is saying it forbidden :O
and tag me :P
kou, of course we do.

sreejith, if u want i can give u the .html code. the tag, well u got what u wanted. you are tagged. enjoy.
dint know you had flickr account and all!! how about taking some real pics and putsing there? and why gorbachev? whats special about him?
jiggs, what kind of real pics? i use it presently to only host pictures on blog.

why not gorbachev? one man who really had courage to come and talk to the world, plain truth.
real pic meaning pics of the real world...most of the pics there are just cartoons or of (great) people who arent alive anymore.. i thought you had slicha interest in photography..thats why the suggestion,,
'Five places I'd love to visit - 1. Himalayas' - Is it Himalaya Dining Facility?? ;-P

the himalayas, the mountain range north of india fromt he pamir knot and go into Mynmar and then continue below water to form Andamans and Indonesia et al...
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