Monday, June 12, 2006

Maturity? huh...

Does one really get maturity with advancing age???

When one is a kid, i mean a real toddler, one is rather more open to stuff. the thoughts are less stream-lined. There is more courage to try new things, only restriction being the watchful eye of your parent who keeps you away from all that he and/or she thinks is harmful. And that is were you are being brought into a line of streamed thoughts. Arguably, this is precisely where children think of parents being role models. I for one definetely dreamed to be an accounts manager like my dad or a government official like my mom while i was still a small kid.

In school you are more restricted to do things. Here there are more people in the form of teachers who add to the parents. And with every passing year, the number of people who influence your thoughts and actions increase with the new men and women you meet by way of teachers, relatives, friends et al, of course, to different degrees depending on the amount of interactions you have with each of them.

Over periods of time, this number reaches countless propotions and you start forgetting people and then over time you only remember a few of the whole spectrum of people who have influenced your thoughts. By the time you get to college and eventually to work, you actually have the thoughts streamlined but mostly dont remember many of the men and women who influenced you.

Coming back to the question on top of this post. What exactly is maturity we are talking about here??? Is it the very fact that your thoughts are set in a particular fashion because of all the influence you have had in your life time? Is it true to then say that this particular definition by itself is in some sense a biased one, that was laid down by the older generations which have also come through similar influences? Extending this is arguement one might end up applying similar arguements to anything and everything. Lets come back to this presently.

Accepting this definition as such, means that you have matured thoughts as you age. However this cannot accepted a continous process which keeps going this way till end of life. There does exist a particular critical point when the thoughts are so ordered and streamlined that you stop listening to the entities around you for there is nothing actually left in you for them to get some order. (in a physical chemists' language, a highly ordered state with least entropy) At this stage, you think you should be the boss around and then you start bossing around and then shouting at people who even politely refuse your words. In technical terms, you go senile. You start getting geriatric problems. Which is suppose to come to u when you grow old, however how old is actually getting old is again a question to which the real answer is unique to every single person. Incidentally, what happens to the amount of openness that was infested in you? Is this the same person who was open to accept anything now after becoming mature fails to listen to anybody?

Coming back to definitions, if one washes of old definitions of any term calling them subjective and biased and all that, then what can actually be the real definition? Can one define something really unbiased? Would a concious effort in that direction lead to a sub concious feeling that you assume the present definitions might be wrong?

So, do people really go mature over time? or is it that they grow mature and then stop getting matured at a particular age, which is of course subjective. What exactly is maturity? Why should one talk about it in the first place? why am i writing a blog about this in the middle of the night?

beats me...

You are growing older!
I am of course not at all sure about the 'maturing' thing! :)
maturity should be looked at as the process of development. I definitely wouldn't attribute bravery/courageousness to 'a toddler' trying new things. Its more of foolhardiness!
Assuming power as you grow old is more a consequence of (over)confidence that your opinions/decisions are right, ergo they should be respected/implemented. One tends to stay in this illusion as long as they continue to be right... (or maybe stupid!)
Maturity is more like the ability to reason out and know why you are making a choice...(this itself may be an illusion...more abt that here )
perhaps true... but I look at it this way: u mature as you grow up because even though you get more and more influenced, you also learn to separate the "chaff" influence from what would really help you in your life... and no, putting on blinkers doesn't mean maturity.. a mature person and an immature toddler are both open minded (if an elderly person isn't open minded, it is just unfortunate, and I would not consider them here)... what separates them is the fact the toddler is open minded without a purpose on a relatively longer term, while the mature have an end purpose... it is not streamlining of purpose that grows with maturity... it is streamlining of purpose...
Read last line as:

it is not streamlining of thought that grows with maturity... it is streamlining of purpose...
Hey B,

You've mentioned an aspect of maturity I hadnt quite thought of before. Yep da - is quite true - we truly mature when we can set out by ourselves without relying on anyone else.

The tragedy is that we have to proceed by trial and error while we're still being influenced by other people, and it isnt pleasant to realize later that what we were following wasnt quite right, or even pleasurable, and usually ends up changing us permanently in ways we would rather not have changed.
hey, nice post....i think maturity comes in different forms....dealing with people, dealing with oneself, manners etc. etc. while a person may be mature enough to handle a ceo, may be a disaster to ask him to talk to a teenager. mostly as you grow old you deal with more kinds of people, so your maturity grows. you may learn to deal with yourself and your siblings by the time you are, say, 14 or 16 but it takes a lot more effort to deal with someone outside your family. i guess, the faster you can learn, more mature you are
"i think maturity comes in different forms" shankar.

i think it comes out as a really gooey sticky liquid. the rest ofcourse is open to interpretation.
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