Friday, November 03, 2006

home without gadgets.

After yesterday's TV bashing post on my blog, today i read this article on some household which lives without a fridge.

nice to know that ppl actuaally wanna live without these gadgets. it shouldnt be impossible. just that nobody wants to be this way.

i know households which dont have TV. We ourselves dont have a washing machine at home.

today's world has more and more gadgets and less and less of physical work.

aah, another of those pointless posts which start somewhere and end else were tangentially.

Perhaps I am the only one with sensitive eyes.

White font in black background is extremely stressful on the eyes and I have to really squint to read the blog.

If people agree with me, say "aye" and we'll have Bharath change the template. :)
hehe. seriously you are the first person to tell this about this blog template.

for some reason, i love black and all my blog templates have been predominantly black. however i will consider changing it when i m a little more jobless.
Which is then, now and forever! :P
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