Thursday, November 02, 2006

to TV or not to TV?

"This is her second husband and he is now seeing her first husband's third wife and hence wants to ditch her." My mom was telling me the story of some popular daily soap on TV. My dad was involved in explaining the crux of yet another one, whose story line was not much different.

Every other day, in each of these soaps, one finds a court and a group of gangsters and some family being attacked, over and over again some kind of violence and absolute murder of indian family values and ethics. And this is being portrayed in all of these productions across all channels through out the evening. Language no bar, Channel no bar, Time no bar, soaps 'bar bar'.

To add to it, these things get repeated once or twice so that viewers all around the world can watch them without any problems of inconvinient timings. And all these things have very high TRP ratings.

While my parents say that they watch all this just for the sake of entertainment and some relaxation from strenous work load at office. I dont know if such things can actually relive of tensions.

I have only known people who died of cardiac arrest, when some nail biting suspense was happening on some such TV soap.

All i could think of after seeing these serials is, what kind of attitudes will develop in the minds of kids and housewives who would watch these all day? I wouldn't be surprised if actually some ladies and kids think of such things happening in their area and actually take some genuine people for granted and feel something wrong about them.

well, verdict, i dont know. The idiot box does have some advantages, we can wish it off totally. However such things are very disturbing

thanks to Navjot Singh Sidhu, Mandira Bedi and Charu Sharma, even cricket is not entertainment!
TV? what TV?
shank, i have never been enthused by cricket. so it doesnt make a difference to me.

arunn, this post can never make sense to you. i cant help it :P
I cant agree more!

More than all these, I have sometimes felt that some people care more for TV serials than their dear ones! :o

I mean, I have seen it to happen where a dear one is made to wait to talk or something for these silly soaps. :x
silly, silly you :p
agree indian TV has a lot of crap, including the news channels. that does not mean gadgets in general, which only make life 'comfortable' are bad. if one feels burdened by such comforts, it is not the world's fault, it is within the person. if wishes to live like a monk the choice is theirs alone.
More people should join ATTACK

Admission involves moving the television above your head and dropping it with force onto the ground.
thalaiya suthi thooki podanuma? :P

i dont have one. i cant do that to my dad's tv.
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