Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Friday Re-View

Friday Review has been a supplement of The Hindu since i know.

The history of it, dates back to the mid 80s when it was actually started as a 2 page supplement away from the main sheet. Thus detaching the culture and arts pages of the main issue. Today Friday Review consits of atleast 8 pages.

Friday Review has been The source of movie info since its inception. Anybody looking for a movie to watch over the week, would fish out the latest issue of Friday Review and look at the ads and listings.

Today, however, thanks to Metro Plus, which comes 5 days a week barring Friday and Sunday, the movie info and the listing appear daily. Friday Review still continues to carry the information on Fridays. If you decide to watch a movie on sunday, then you can check Saturday's Metro Plus or Friday's Friday Review and make a choice and go to the theatre accordingly.

This however seems to not work properly. Three sundays back, Mom and Bro decided to go to a particular movie and looked at the Friday Review and called all the theatres that were listed to find out that one of them had a different movie being screened and others had been fully booked already.

Two sundays ago, yet again, Mom and Bro decided to try seeing the same movie and actually managed to find a theatre not-so-far-from-home and dragged me along. We reach the theatre to find only find that there was different movie being screened. With no other option, we returned and when we cross checked the Friday Review and Saturday's Metro Plus, the movie was indeed listed in the theatre on both the issues. Also, a thorough review of all the ads and listings revealed that there were a lot of such wrong informations. This particular theatre's name, for example, was present in more than one ad. However, the ad of the movie which was actually being screened did not carry its name...

PS: The Family did watch the movie in yet another theater, last sunday evening.

and that probably is why Satyam has gone online: thecinema.in

Shady Hindu :-|
endha moviekuda ivalo buildup! dont tell me it is 'sivapadhigaram'
With no personal offense, this blog entry has all the characteristics of a Hindu article. No name of movie, no theater name...being totally non committal, and in the process non-informative. It is ok if there are no specifics in hyperbolic or humorous articles with a lot of imagination thrown in, but for issues such as this, the article would carry no meaning or use without names.
The movie: Vaathiyar.

The first theatre were we went and came back: Melody.

The theatre were we watched after all: Sangam
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