Monday, November 27, 2006

Double Celebration

Today marks a Double Celebration.

I turned a quarter century today.

and my blog has a 100 posts.

predominantly spent the day, replying to all the birthday messages. Had Breakfast at Triplicane Sangeetha's, Lunch at Gurunath and Dinner at Adyar Sangeetha's. Also, attended a lecture on Muthuswami Dikshitar Kritis on Thiruvarur in the evening. Watched a movie on comp for the night. And quiet surprisingly, nobody in my wing ever noticed my presence in the wing (not that i was there always, but still, even for the small amount of time, i was in the wing, it went un noticed)

அம்மா நான் quarter அடிச்சிட்டேன் :P

congratz :)
looks like we finally have a kutcheri review in this blog of yours! ;)
kutcheri review on this blog?????
nee dhaane... "aattha naan quarter adicchittaen" nu sonna... adhaan... enna kutcheri review-a nu kaettaen :D
congratz da Bhaand!
quarter man.
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