Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The City of Gardens

For all those who thought, Bangalore is the only city of Gardens, here is an answer.

The following is the list of some of the Gardens in the City of Chennai (formerly called Madras)

Thottam (தோட்டம்) in tamil means a Garden.

Border Thottam
Kapali Vana Bhojana Thottam
Narayanasami Thottam
Raja Thottam

K R Vijaya Gardens
Jaishankar Gardens
Bharani Gardens
Sridevi Gardens
Sullivan gardens
Bheemasena gardems
Karpagam gardens
Rohini gardens

Underwood gardens
Rostervor gardens

Kilpauk garden

This are just off the cuff. the list can and will grow.

I must also add that i have not added the Gardens which have some amount of greenery left in them.

Amaam , why so much blank space inbetween ? For a garden to grow here too ? :P And why suddenly listing gardens ? Gujjals party yaara kadaichaacha ?
Hello the K R Vijaya Garden has been changed to Sudarshan Gardens and is now a sprawling flat complex near Velachery.
harish: no da. gen listings of india.

Sierra: the kr vijaya gardens i knew off is in valasaravakkam. now that u have told me, i can include this sudarshan gardens to the list.
What abt Poes Garden? :P
valli, aaha. how did i forget that?
Ammavaye maranduttaye :P
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