Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Five reasons I blog

thanks to the tag from Lakshmi, who now happens to be my meme-mom, i have something to write about on my blog.

Five Reason why i Blog:

When i began blogging, it was more of a daily duty to blog, check blogs and comment and all that.

I find blogging to be a vent for thoughts which i cannot otherwise express anywhere.

I started blogging on music, as i dint know what else to do to keep a record of all the concerts i attend. Starting with just lits of songs, and then short notes and then full fledged articles about conecrts i attend have been posted there.

I blog to keep a copy of all that the fellow IITians have made me write for the various campus publications.

Well, Finally, i write blogs because i wanna blog.

I tag all those who wish to get tagged.

Hehe, 'all that the fellow IITians have _made_ me write' :-)

btw,What is a meme-mom?
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