Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Yesterday I had to go and book some hotel room for a friend's friend who is visiting the city. So, this friend and I went around adyar area looking for a hotel...

We reached this place which had name board for two different names put one below the other and went in. we inspected the room and booked a room for the visitor and this is what the receptionist noted down in his diary.

Mr XYZ - some-blah-pur boking one doble nont ac room. 30-5-07. arivel-6 am. far two dais.

couldnt help feeling bad for the level of education our country is imparting to its citizens.

Stop fleing bad. Cheir up. :P
Cha, parishuddhavada Englishnalli bareyokke baralva avarige? :P
very sad!! Idhankke enu madubeku? but seeing ppl in cities like this is really a sad thing.
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