Thursday, May 22, 2008

I went to see the match

I had to go and watch a Twenty-twenty cricket match at M A Chidambaram Stadium, yesterday. Basically, there was mom, dad and a huge group of uncles, aunts and cousins who had planned to go an watch this match. yes, this match of all the others! They ended up having an extra ticket and i was being dragged along. Given my involvement and inclination to watch a game of cricket I went to watch it, only because the ticket was getting wasted and they could not find anybody else at all.


If you are a comfortably placed team and your opponent is particularly not so competent, you can afford to be casual. So much so that, all your bowlers and fielders would let them score and all your batsmen should play the ball right into the fielder's hands.

Even after your opponent makes a record for the slowest 50 in the tournament, you can loose the game.

The display boards are quite bright and informative, so much so that you can wear sun glasses inside the stadium even during a day-night match.

However sophisticated your display system is, the traditional scoreboard will still get updated more promptly.

They had nets put nets on the cheap stands, so that people don't throw stuff into the play area. However, the cheap junta actually were sitting in the non netted stands.

One Cheese Sandwich, which is essentially 2 slices of bread with a slice of cheese in between, costs 50 bucks. Well, we all know of inflation don't we. And hence, one can calculate the price of all that was sold using the simple laws of extrapolation.

If you go to watch a cricket match, especially of this genre, you are not suppose to sit and watch. Hence, the TNCA should do away with chairs during the matches for want of convenience.

Size of dress of the cheer leaders is directly propotional to the darkness of skin colour. And essential qualification to become one is that the letchability quotient should be as low as it could get. So much so that, one of them ladies in front of my stand looked like a slimmed linear combination of item, bra, ducky and chittad. (all of them are names of people and have no other meanings and/or interpretations. For more details, contact nearest iitian, unless of course if you aren't one yourself)

A guy actually wore a tee which said, "I was born intelligent. orkut ruined me". How could he? I am seriously considering ways to find his MENSA scores.

Men don't get calls from nature. There were toilets only for women, in our stand.

You had to play cacophony live or otherwise, in between every ball and every over and every other second that does not have a live ball in the ground. And the decibel levels have to be twice as much as your ENT surgeon would recommend. Higher the number of popular artists performing, the higher is the amplification.

For security reasons, Exit gates are only half as many as those for Entry. And none of them have directions or sign boards.

However, going to watch a match live does help in curing a splitting head ache and severe back ache. (Let me not mention the pills...)

PS: If only the Rain God were to be kinder, i would have been saved of all this. He stopped crying just in time for the match to begin.

1.'For security reasons, Exit gates are only half as many as those for Entry.'-ROTFL max
2. COuls you please post qualify the slimmed LC of Bra Ducky Item and Chittad.Want more details.
3. Using mathematical induction we don't calculate results. We prove them.
4.On a completely different note, I am going for the finals here at Bombay- or atleast putting fight to do so!!
ya, it cant be mathematical induction. it is extrapolation. i stand corrected and so does the post.

finals, well... my sincere prayers that you dont get tickets.
"The display boards are quite bright and informative, so much so that you can wear sun glasses inside the stadium even during a day-night match." -- Reminds me of your photo with shaded sunglasses and one yellow dress.. (I think it made its way to the orkut community in your name :p)

Seems that you had a really nice experience over all :p
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