Tuesday, June 03, 2008

messages from no-where

I have been going thro' a series of lectures on 'Easy Solutions to Tough Problems in life'. It also involves a little bit of astrology and numerology. This person who does these classes also asked me for my birth chart.

When i took it to her, in the first look she said, 'you must be arrogant and short tempered and autocratic. this tendency will increase with ur age. so keep ur cool and contain ur anger.'

Now, i know that i am a little arrogant and short tempered, but to hear it from a total stranger, who just knew me for a few hours and saw my birth chart momentarily. I was just shocked.

It only reaffirms my belief that the indian sciences are far more beyond comprehensive limits.

These classes also tell me that god sends messages thro' people and one should know to listen to them.


On sunday evening, Lord Jeffery Archer was interviewed on some channel. Like a typical english man that he is, he spoke with a lot of ego and pride and head weight and what not. However the one point he made was very sensible. 'Never look back at your mistakes. Its a waste of time. Dont repent for them either.' Now thats a really sensible point that i wish i could take and imbibe in me.


There is this recent habit that has stuck me. I go to some temple of Lord Ganesha every morning. yesterday morning, as i was leaving the temple, an old lady was entering and was telling something like "porumaiya po". which roughly translates to 'go with patience'. I did hear this but dint know if she told me or otherwise.

About an hour later, i was on road, driving down towards insti. There is this signal on my way, closer to home, that usually junta dont care for. while i usually stand for the green lights, yesterday i accidentally jumped the red and was caught by the policeman. Over and above being the son of a senior administrative staff in the city police (my mom is a senior officer in the administrative wing of the city police crime and traffic wing) i had to pay fine etc... was the old lady telling me?


PS: i don't know why i wanted to write this as a blogpost.

"you must be arrogant and short tempered and autocratic"

'Blindsight' definitely seems to exist, nearly all of us can recount some instance of it. But is it all merely post-justification?

Arrogant and short-tempered, come to think of it, that is a truism. If you barely knew someone for a few hours and told him he was arrogant and short-tempered, and he said "I am most assuredly not!" without hesitation, well.. ? :-)
Do you believe in Horoscope reading? Some are too good in telling the past but not all. And the future, it is quite difficult to predict I feel. Myself and my father are interested in that. Viji
shankar, thanks for assuring.

kv, well, it boils down to what level of seriousness one sees it.

viji aunty, it is one of those things i wanted to learn out of curiousity. however, there are times when one tends to believe that it is all totally true. however, it is not definitely not totally accurate. i feel it might be a indicative thing.
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