Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Soya Chunks Upma

This evening, I had to go out of campus and came back rather late to go and check out the Mess. On any other day, I would have headed to Tiffanys or Gurunath or Quark and dinn.

However, I wanted something different. Noticing the Khadi vendor's van, I was gazing thro' the stuff he had. I am usually surprised by the number of things this guy sells. What caught my attention was a pack of what I am told are called 'Soya Chunks'. They are basically made out of soya beans and are easier to cook. I got a pack of them and made this particular Upma for dinner. The Receipe is as follows.

Soya Chunks
Coconut, Thur Dhal, Red chillies, Hing for the coarse masala powder
Oil, Mustard Seeds and cumin seeds to temper

In a pan, heat Water. Add salt and Soya Chunks when the water is hot. The chunks are usually rather hard when raw. Cook them till they are soft.

Once the chunks are soft, remove them from the water. You can chop them if you want. I did. Squeeze out excess water.

In a pan, heat a little oil and then fry the dhal, red chillies with the Hing. Once the smell of the fried dhal comes, add the coconut and saute for a few min and remove from Heat. Cool this mixture and grind in a blender as a coarse dry powder. It can be stored for a while and can be used for mixing with rice as well. (I have this made from home and well stocked!)

In a pan, temper the mustard and cumin seeds. Add the masala powder and fry it a little, and add the chopped chunks. Add a little salt and saute well till it is dry and is mixed well.

You can add onions and other veggies also. I like the taste as such.

PS: This upma is a self made receipe. This post marks the beginning of yet another genre of posts on this blog.

Good for you dude :-)
Hats off to Your Culinary skills :)
jobless fellow :P
Hmm... not too much of a fan of soya. Where did you cook this btw? DId you go back home?
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