Monday, July 28, 2008

Vegetarian Mess

For ages now, i have been one of the students of IITM who have been advocating the need for a separate pure vegetarian Mess facility on Campus.

All along, all Messes have had a basic Vegetarian Menu and the Non-Vegetarian being served as extras. We all comfortably chose to believe they were cooked separately and served seperately. Many of us chose to ignore the existance of Non-Veg in the same mess or avoided mess on occasions when non-veg was served. There were a very few who took to the extreme and chose to not even drink water from the mess, because it serves non-veg at times. Hence, there was always a group of us who wished a separate Veg Mess.

After enough signature campaigns and false starts and reasons like not enough patronage etc., since yesterday, IITM has indeed established a separate Vegetarian Mess Facility at the Ganga Hostel Mess.

A reason to celebrate and blog!

Why do you care if the non-veg food is cooked separately or not? This is your Brahman elitism speaking.
yes! it is!
finally ! great to hear about it. long overdue
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