Saturday, September 20, 2008

Soya Chuks Upma ver 2.0

out of all the courage i got from the first made version, i decided to upgrade the receipe and hence the ver 2.0

apart from those mentioned in the previous version, the extra ingredients are...

The cooked soya chunks were left to dry on a plate and later chopped.

In a pan, after the tempering with green chillies, mustard and cumin seeds, add the veggies and along with salt and the masala powder. Cook till the veggies are done and then add the chopped chunks and mix well. Saute for a few min and serve hot with some coriander sprinkled.

And guess what, i had a guest to taste it.

I was expecting something on the lines of: boil soya and serve with rava upma;
Btw, is this the apt recipe for the uninvited guest?
it is a good receipe da. i did serve it to the guest who actually liked it.

a quick one-pot meal. so, worth trying.
Much more improved Culinary now !!!
Yummy !!
Good going Bhaand! You should cook this in the wing kitchen some time and put its to junta. :)
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