Monday, December 22, 2008

Horlicks Thirattupal

This is culinary post.

I wanted to boast about this sweet i made myself. A Self conceived receipe.

Milk 2.5 litres
Sugar 1 Tumbler
Horlicks 1/2 Kg

Take a heavy bottomed vessel. Pour in the milk and boil it till it starts to shrink. After it shrinks to about 70% or so, add the sugar. After the sugar dissolves, add the Horlicks in parts. Keep stirring to avoid formation of lumps of horlicks. The heat should always be low.

Keep stirring till it comes to a thick non-sticky consistency of a sweet. Add a table spoon of ghee on top of it, to add to the taste.

Preparation time: 4 to 5 hours

Sounds Nice! :)

But 5 hours? I would have given up wonly. And bought something else from a sweet shop nearby.
Well, to produce the same amount of [i]real[/i] thiratti pal would take a lot more time. You can try charring milk powder and adding some water to it. Or making a think milk-powder paste and charring it.
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