Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Its a new ball game

On sunday evening, i had to come to travel a bit around the city. And my usual prefered mode of travel are the public transport and i prefer trains to buses. I landed at the station and missed the train by a whisker.

Being the lazy sunday late-afternoon-early-evening time, i had to wait for a good 20 minutes for the next train to come. I hence happened to peep outside the window. Triplicane station is on the elevated section of the Suburban railway line and the peep out side the window made me learn a new game that day.

A group of boys had earmarked a rectangular area and split into two teams. They had a tennis ball. The crux of the game is to pass the ball to your team mates and keeping it within the play area. The number of times, the ball hits a person from the opponent team, without them taking over the ball yields points. If the ball goes outside the arena, the opponent team gets the ball.

Some adaptation of Soccer and Hockey to street play.

it seems like you never played any street games when you were a kid. this is called "sur chandu" (in kannada; i don't know what it's called in tam) and is a really ancient game.

i remember playing a version of this in the RSS shakha
I saw a new game too, a couple of weeks after getting to Atlanta. It's too random to describe but the essential goal seems to be to kick, punch and pummel as many people as possible on the pretext of trying to get at the ball in their hands. It's called (American) football. :)
Sounds like "mudhugu puncher" (back puncture in Tam)... have you never seen it before? Lovely game - intricate strats involved actually...
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