Friday, November 26, 2004

Purpose of Life

All day i sit in front of a comp, checking emails, listening to music, reading stuff related to research, music, every other crap i get intersted in, writing things, doing math, doing experiments, blah blah blah...

I go on walks, talk to people, sing myself (very badly) somtimes...

Whatever i do, at the end of the day, if i sit down and analyse why i do all this and for what i do all this? i end up finding no answer. It all leads into a blank space.

Well do i do things for getting a Ph D? or for getting Food, Shelter and Clothing? or is it for anything else which i can define as a possible goal?

While thinking of it all, none of these questions individually or collectively reach anywhere closer to giving a fulfilling answer. There still is a huge blank beyond all these questions as to one lives.

Where does my life lead me?

to become a Ph D doctor?

and then?

more research and/or teach?

and then?

it goes on and on.. for every question and answer there will be an and then? right after it.

and then?

i guess everyone has thought of this and bulbed majorly.
what we finally are is just arbit sheep trying our best to stick to our flock. "what next?" well that again is solely decided by the shepherd guiding our since we can't b(l)eat the system...dont bother about it and simply njoi life.

btw this is PBK as you refer me as.
Well, all that is true about the sheperd guiding the herd.

I would still like to answer some and then questions readily.. :D
Oh, me thought the ultimate answer to anything lay here. Not to this question?
well the answer is there at the head of the page. Look carefully...
The purpose of life is confusing.. as a matter of fact it can lead to endless debate.. i just wonder myself..

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