Thursday, January 06, 2005

Neues Jahr

The New year of the gregorian Calender has begun. Though one does not associate much importance to the starting of an Christian Year, AD 2005 started off six days ago, on a sad note atleast for this part of the world. The Nation on the whole is trying to come to terms with what was one of the most disastrous incidents in recent times. Most parts of the southern pennisular Coast had been subjected to the wrath of Lord Neptune, who did cool down and went back, but left behind no trace of anything that existed in those areas earlier.

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Most residential Areas which were close to the sea shore were completely cleaned, with nothing at all left behind. People lost everything, but for the set of clothes they were wearing. Many lost even close relatives. In some cases, loosing the whole family. It was a very bad day after Christmas. Chennai, actually, was one of the almost "unhit" parts. Still there were thousands left with nothing. I dont even wish to think of people who lived in parts further down south of Tamil Nadu or elsewhere the Tsunami actually did "HIT".

With Nature showing its Wrath, fellow homo sapiens are pouring in with help and aid. There are many people who need this. What is more disturbing is that, these people who need help, do not accept anything you give them. People though are starving without food, unless somebody offers, do not eat unless it is the regular food they eat. It is appauling to find that, they actually throw the food given to them, if they dont find it worthy though it is good in quality and in taste. For instance, people from the fishing hamlets refuse to eat anything but for cooked fish. They do not want to eat anything else, even if they starve.

One is left in a confused state as to whether it is correct for people to stick to their stand and say that, they would want only their staple food, fish for instance in the case of fishermen or do eat whatever is offered till they setup something to sustain themselves...

One is reminded of an age old saying in tamil which translates as, "A Tiger may starve to death, but still would not eat grass". It boils down to the age old question of India, Which is important, Self Esteem or Survival?

The following is an article which talks of similar issues.
An Article on THE HINDU, Chennai Edition, 5th January 2005

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