Tuesday, January 18, 2005

All for a Soap?

Yesterday morning while sipping my coffee, this page three newspiece caught my attention.

A 15 year old girl committed suicide by hanging herself, for she was not allowed by her mother to watch TV in view of the forthcoming exams.

This was not the single incident of the kind. The day before, on the same newspaper, on page four.

A 17 year old boy committed suicide by hanging himself, as his father did not allow him to watch the first-day-first-show of the movie of film star vijay that was released on Pongal Day.

These are just a drop out of the ocean of such incidents which keep happening around you. This kind of things which some people resort to, are quite disturbing.

Is a human life, just worth a half-an-hour soap on TV, which is gonna generate buckets of tears out of both on and off screen or a movie, which is anyday watchable for the next few weeks or worst comes worst, by the turn of this year on some TV Channel, with a claim, that it is the first time such a new-super-hit-movie is being telecasted.

When would one realise that the actual worth of any of these wordly mundane things is nothing more a trifle? in fact not even the amount of time and energy and money you spend on it? After all, should one not realise the importance of a life. The amount of pains parents take in having a child and raising the child is something one would actually realise only when one has kids. My mom always tells this, "you will know what i feel, when ur son behaves this way to you". I did not understand this statement for quite a long time till my brother did exactly the same stuff 7 years later.

Losing a kid for such a frivolous reason, can cause all sorts of problems in a parent. The kid would have been the dream and future of the particular parents. Now, what would remain, a photo which will hang on the wall, cherished memories, a feeling of having lost something which was the only hold on life, blank future. Above all this, when such a parent hears a slain comment on the incident from somebody known, it is more hurting and that would be the moment the parent would not have wanted to live.

We youngsters should realise the importance of a parent, living in india, we should be more sensitive to such issues and human relations, especially the two of them who were responsible for you being you. Now, I dont make a claim that parents are always right, they are wrong at times, but still you are something special for them and they are something special for you.

Thats the height of being philosophical, still such incidents do have a lot of mental disturbances created. With today's journalism, turning into more of a sensational type, such issues are sure not going to escape, public attention. Things of this kind going public means, people who are directly affected would suffer more.

Why has the younger generation gone so weak? If they cannot tolerate such small disappointments, how would they face the eternal truth and all the failures of life? Why is such a generation coming up? Children need to be more groomed in the right by teachers right from the beginning. Teachers of the day should take more care in imparting the right quality of education, rather than punishing kids asking them to write impostions for 100 times even towards the last years of school.

Parents should have discreation in accepting requests from children. There is no necessity to get anything the child wants. What if the child does not get something he/she asks for? Children should be taught to get thro' disappointments also. That will always make a good blend of a personality and educate then to tackle failures.

In today's materialistic fast world, people dont find time to take care of other family members. It is all money driven. Kids dont get to parents even as often as they see cash. With currency notes, they get anything they want and no parents to obstruct all that they want, children are openly exposed to all the evils of the society. This makes them more vulnerable for all that they should not know. In the earlier days, with old people at home, there was a curb on what one is usually exposed to. In today's nuclear families, this is also lost. Once a kid at tender age has an exposure to all he/she wants, and then in adolescence when they face one disappointment, they are not able to digest it and hence resort to adverse things.

As a society, we should all do some soul searching and see what we are shaping the society for? Should we not develop the society? Such trends and news items are far from what we should take the society towards...

see da, i dont think what you have written is a general reflection of the present day adolescents. i think we have on an average grown more cynical and consequently less expectant than the previous generation. it is sad that such cases also exist, but then blame it all on darwin man, it is how we are evolving. sad but true
sapo, to some extent what you say is accepted that, this is not the general trend amongst adolescents. Iam afraid i have my reservations in buying ur arguement that "we have on an average grown more cynical and consequently less expectant than the previous generation."
Yeah, it is sad that such cases also exist, but then blaming it all on one poor man, Charles Robert Darwin, is trying to wash off...
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