Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Leaving GCU

My association with the Guidance and Counselling Unit (GCU) for the past couple of years as its Chief Co-ordinator came to an end 10 days ago, with handing over charge to my successor. This has been in the coming for a long time and I have been kind expecting this to happen.

My work with this particular unit of IIT Madras has been something different from the way it functioned earlier. I am concious of the tall claim this is. Being a counsellor for an year before taking up this post of the Chief Co-ordinator has given me enough courage to stake this claim. I can take pride in formulating the present set-up of the GCU. Setting up something, from scratch is not all that easy.

The brochure which was prepared by the GCU for the Freshmen, was completely re-written. Its size, shape, contents, looks and all that could be associated with the brochure was changed from what it was. Though the brochure I made, with the help of some frnds, was not a very good one, it was a welcome change from the stale one which the printer had been printing for the past dozen years with just the names changed. Well, just that it was different and better than something to which it better not be compared is not something on which one should rejoice or take solace.

Then one had to go thro' the rituals of allocating fresh-men to counsellors, collecting them from the Railway Station putting them at the hostels.. First meeting and all the follow-up sessions at Hostel common rooms during roll call and all that did happen.

This time there were even efforts to conduct tutorial classes taught by seniors to freshies who had problems in understanding the subject and/or solve sheets and et cetra.

The year went interesting with some challenging and interesting cases coming up and to get in terms with people suffering is the most monumental thing. Being a part of the official conselling body, to maintain confindentiality is the foremost things to maintain and hence I dont think I should talk more about the specific problems.

Though plans for some lectures, workshops and some sessions were planned. I probably was getting more busy with work and just could not organise things.

It actually wasnt all that easy as it sounds when you read it. The number of times i was put into problems and how i had untied myself out of them are very valuable lessons for life. It was nice to be with GCU for two years. It is far more better after laying down office. Well I guess thats what life is all about...

I wish BEST OF LUCK to the guy who has presently taken over from me.

congrats bhaand on all the hard work done through the year(s)...

to add a pt,
This time there were even efforts to conduct tutorial classes taught by seniors to freshies who had problems in understanding the subject and/or solve sheets and et cetra....

it was indeed a great session...6 seniors n 3-4 freshies...anyway, good tht i ended up putting 'A's in ph n cy last sem :)
Dei the grub at Central Saravana Bhavan was very nice da...had it only once thanks to GCU.

When did all these tut sessions start? Don't think it was there in my time.
tut sessions were thought off even during ur time, but then funda was that 'mania' said we should also Research Scholars to volunteer and teach. That didnt work. obly...

this year i decided to involve senior junta. slaisha some junta had enthu. It was organised in the 15th hour and 4 seniors came to teach 7 freshies. some start somewhere...

incidentally, during ur time, u missed a treat at komala's. all those who could grub at central saravana bhavan were invited, none of u turned up...
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