Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Is this a fact?

The following is a piece from the letters to the Editor section of The Economic Times dated 31st May 2005.

Presidential snub?

THE President during his visit to Switzerland took upon himself the role of an Ambassador of India’s scientific progress. In his speeches he extolled the visionaries and the Institutions that has made India a leader in Science and Technology today. The institutions that found mention were the IISc, the BARC, the TIFR, the DRDO and of course the ISRO.

But what about the IITs? They found absolutely no mention anywhere in his speech. This is interesting and very intriguing. Why did the erudite sage of Raisina Hill choose to exclude the IITs?

Considering the career paths the IITians are predisposed to taking, does he see the IITs for what they really are: subsidised teaching shops producing demi-gods for the developed world? The issue is indeed serious as the President is the Visitor to all IIT campuses. It is time the IIT directors and faculty took the cue, buried the media hype, suspended all notions of exporting the brand and really did some introspection.


This is available on the indiatimes website. The original presentation and the speech are found on http://presidentofindia.nic.in

I somehow feel this is indeed true and I should give a serious thought as an IITian. Well, people argue that this man must be one of those who did not get thro' into IIT and hence is making the noise while another arguement put forth is that, all the places mentioned here have people produced by IITs working for whatever it is worth.

Obviously man...Kalam has somehow never mentioned the IIT anywhere in any of his speeches. Cannot think of any other reason other than the fact that he could not clear JEE.
Bullshit. Kalam has no reason to have any bad feelings towards IIT's. He has also spoken well of IIT's in one of his books. The only reason that IIT's have not been mentioned is that everyone here leads a give-up life.
Well, I guess Kalam isnt all that egoistic so as not to mention the IIT's because he did not get through JEE.

The sage would have his reasons! Just wish some journalist gets to ask him this question when he is interviewed! Until then we would never know, considering what a multi faceted personality he is!
Hmm, couldn't it just be that the speechwriter screwed up? Maybe Mr President was in a hurry and didn't really go through the text...
Those are nice insights, still i m not yet sure of what is correct.
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