Saturday, May 07, 2005

Eating Out

The Month of April was quite eventful. With a bouquet of Wing Treat, Hostel Nights and all else, i ended up eating dinner at the Hostel Mess for not more than 5 days. Each day was at a different place, different person spending, different food... Just that i did also spend quite a bit on some of those ventures or on travel.

This trend has been continuing in the month of May also. The purpose of this post being the last two dinners. On thursday, me and kamesh had been to Treat. I had known this place for quite sometime but did not venture to eat there till then. The place is rather small but the food was good and the suggestion of the man at the counter were actually good and he just saw to it, that he suggested the good stuff so that, we would consider going back there again. Though we ended up spending a bit more than normal, we considered it was worth the money we spent.

Yesterday, i had been to a music concert of a friend of mine at T Nagar. Being a good friend, he had offered me to join him to his house and then later to dinner. I did accept, for who will not accept an offer for free food. When we actually went to this rather well-known restaurant in R A Puram. The place known for its food, was quite full and we thankfully got some place to sit. We were ordering routine food and then the person who waited us asked, " Sir, do u like fried items? There is this new dish we have made, we fry Idlis and make a dish by sauting it with onions and tomatos and some spices". It was rather tempting to eat anything as we were very hungry. Then our orders were served. This 'Kadai Idly' was looking red all over and tasted rather bad. We just managed to take half the idlis in the dish and then called it off. After the food, when the bill arrived, we were rather taken aback. Of the ~200 bucks bill, this stupid dish costed about 40% of the whole thing.

yenga poi sollikardhu...
(translates to 'where to go and tell all this?')

I too have heard about Treat but have never gone there. Heard that its pretty much like Kwality Riviera without the free nans though.

Dei nee life la kadai idly saaptadhu illaiya da? The Nandini's outside the Vel's gate, the one that leads to Guru Nanak College, makes them pretty decent da.
I guess treat has a new restaurant now which is far better than kwality riviera...

kadai idly at this place(read sangeetha) was yuck... not worth Rs. 83.30 p
on an unrelated note (and maybe you've heard this PJ before):

[Movie Scene - duel]
Bad Guy: So you think pretty good, huh? What's your name?

Bhardwaj: Bhaand, Bhardwaj Bhaand! I like 'em shaken, not stirred...
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