Monday, January 16, 2006

Murphy plays Havoc?

All was set for me to come to Insti last evening for i had to attend a class this morning at 8 am. My plans were to leave at 6 pm and then drop into a friend's place and/or a concert and reach insti so that i dont have to worry about reach the class on time.

Last evening at around 4 pm, this started to look a bit different. The key bunch to my dad's scooter were found missing. I was to do some shopping and with the keys missing, i had to start searching for them. While searching for the keys is when i discovered that yet another key bunch was also lost. This one meant more to me. It had the one (and only?) key to my room and a copy of the key to the lab and one home key. This made it necessary for a more rigourous and through search.

After about half an hour of turmoil, one found the bike keys. And went to get the shopping done while others at home were still on the mission to find the other lost key bunch. When i return, there was more of worries. Electricity was shutdown for some maintainence work and one could hardly see a thing inside the house. This is when one had rather disastrous ideas. I actually messaged a few others in the hostel to make sure my room was locked and that i had locked and brought the keys home with me. There was game of, i dont know what to call it, happening in the verandah. There were 3 people who used Badminton rackets and tennis balls and cricket gloves to play some sort of a mix of tennis and badminton with a stump in the middle. And later, I rediscovered that i knew the game of Chi-ku-ba.

Power was restored at around 6:30 pm and the search was on again to find the missing key bunch. Then light struck. The key was found at arond 7 o clock. Which meant he concert plan was not going to materialise. Then came two long phone calls, of which one was a friend i wanted to drop into. And hence i left home at something close to 8 pm and came back to Insti. Then dropped in a friend, by surprise, and I was with him till 10. Came to Department to find that Network was down. Went back to hostel and cleared mails and all that slept at sometime close to 1 am with an alarm set for 6:45 am

Who knows if the alarm rang, i got up at 7:20 am. Then had to rush thro' the morning chores and skip b'fast to run to class only to find it cancelled.

After all, one feels, Murphy by putting things haywire, was trying to tell something, which I fail to understand yet.

Well, at least the class was cancelled. Why arent you thankful to heaven for small mercies?

I purpose of the post is 'heaven told me the class will get cancelled and i dint realise, could i be dumber' types.
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