Thursday, June 22, 2006

How to write a blogpost?

To write a post on a blog, one should make elaborate arrangements, decide on a topic, do some thadaal ground work. collect pictures and then start writing and make sure ur english is correct. even if unnecessary also, put some arbit pic just for putting it. correct typograpical erors and grammatical mishtakes. make sure that u get ur facts correct. to the extent possible pack any slangs. and ya, make sure you make it interesting and hilarious and humourous and funny and readable. dont use private abreviations. above all, make sure u put enuf buplicity to the post so that all else come and read the blog. and ya, dont forget to thank junta who all put fundaes


bottomline is that write it in one go, so that u dont forget ideas and things u wanna put on the post. if u stop a post in the middle, believe me it is never again going to take the original shape u intended to give. for want of inspiration, i presently have one draft and atleast three other inspirations...

PS: if you believe and follow the part of the post above the pic, then may thee save you.

I have place on record my Sincere Acknowledgements to Naresh for providing inspirations to this post.

PPS: While i m told to clarify by the guy getting acknowledged that the blog link has nothing to do with this post of mine and just that the guy and i were on a discussion on this topic. u call this plaguarism? will u dare to do that????

and a comment should curtail on untramelled loquacity and verbosity and convey the reaction crisply, shortly, concisely, precisely and in as few words as possible, with less of linguistic repetitiveness :p
Didnt get it the first time I read - dont think anyone will!:). Nice da.
i did not get it the first time except for the slang and lingo contradiction ... nice one
Death was here
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