Monday, June 16, 2008

The chronicles of the silver screens

I have been on a movie watching spree for something like a couple of weeks. Watched two of them on theatres. atleast 5-6 on tv and computer and a couple of them or so on websites, which let u watch them streaming. and almost, all of them were tamil movies.

Three movies on the Dad-Son relationship. One of them is a little old, and is called 'Em-magan' translating to 'My Son'. This movie shows the turmoils of a guy who is tortured by his dad, and then he runs away with his lover, coz his dad chases him and then eventually guy becomes a big shot and comes back to the dad and takes care of family and all. This movie came on TV over the weekend. The second one was 'Bommarillu' in telugu, and its poor remake 'Santosh Subramanian' in tamil was the third. These two talk of how a dad over feeds and saturates the son and again the son feels bad for not getting what he wanted. All of them had a decent story line, however they all boiled down to say that the son has been suffering coz the dad dint really think of asking what he wants and then suspects him etc. Essentially they all went on to say that the Dad were correct and the sons were happy suffering. How many sons of the society that we live in are this ideal? Well, i have a darling of a dad, who doesnt impose upon me at all. not a bit. however, should all cruel dads be justified by such movies. While 'bommarillu' was(and is hopefully still available) at hostel comp room, the tam movie is still at the theatres. I watched it at Sathyam.

Watched this tamil-dubbed (originally mallu) movie called 'arputa theevu'. This talks of a island where all the men are short and the women are of normal height. A set of navy officers land here, coz of a mishap and then one of these navy guys falls in love with the princess of the island and then on and on the problems coz of this love. Dint like it much. Packed it mid-way. courtesy:

Watched 'yaradi nee mohini' again from the same website. this is again a love story of guy falling in love with some female on road, who eventually ends up being his boss, when he gets employed. and then he proposes to the boss, who declines, only to be found later that the female and this guy's good friend are related to each other and are already engaged. and then the love and "the pain"... I am told that, this is also a remake of some telugu movie. watched it fully though.

Watched 'dasAvatAram' yesterday morning. This was probably the second time ever, when i watched a movie within a week of release. I for one, failed to understand the motive of the movie. The storyline wasn't really great, though it does exist somewhere. Like most of Kamal's hyped movies, this one too wouldn't make big commercially or otherwise. There were quite a flaws in logic. Some loose ends. Some unbelievable miracles. Eventually, the movie dint make a mark with me. I really felt i could have afforded to skip it. Mentioning the words "choas theory", "bio-terrorism" etc here and there, to make it sound pseud and high funda doesn't really yield. From one point of view, it looks like a movie made just for the sake of doing 10 roles. However, why should one do 10 roles? are we short of actors? spending fortunes on make-ups has become a fashion amongst movie makers. It generates a hype and probably does yield at times. However, Is it really nice to spend on make-up to make a guy look different as 10 different people etc, when some 10 people could have done these roles with similar perfections for appreciably lower costs. It means business and work and money for 10 people who might need it. "thankfully he did only 10 roles in the movie" was a loudly overheard at INOX, as i walked out.

Also watched 'seena thaana 001' a recent "comedy" movie and 'mudalvan' and some more amongst those on TV.

Bingo! That's precisely what I've been wondering ever since the movie released, Why do 10 roles? I find Thiru Upendra ideas to be more aesthetic, in a certain dig movie of great repute (Swastik), he cast the hero in (1 + 4i) roles, and later the system uniformly converged to the single real pole :-)

Choas theory, now you're giving me ideas! Let's see now, is that the study of the inherent turbulence in electoral politics in the insti, where even a marginal difference in the initial value of bootlegged booze can cause tremendous changes in the results? :-)
Agree with you on dasAvathAram. My take on it.
you find time to write such a detailed blog on some 'crap'.(forgive me for being insensitive to your whims and fancies).Yet you don't have time to write detailed concert reviews in which you are more adept at.:((
i wanna know what u will do when u read my train reports and other posts here!
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