Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fan of trains.

The Indian Railways are fascinating.
I love the trains and train journeys and have been obsessed with seeing trains and travelling in them.

Sometime back a friend of mine got me to visit www.irfca.org and have been hooked on to their website for their photos and info from then on. And since not so long ago, i have also been part of the Indian Railway Fan Club Association's yahoo group reading and posting messages there as regular as i would love to.

And even more recently i have started wanting to write reports of train journeys and since, i have a blog that has not been updated for a long time, i thought i can atleast put them reports here to have a copy of them.

PS: people of limited acquaintance to trains and other terminology used by the IR will find it tough to decifer the reports.

Trains have almost forever been the way to travel. It's one of the things in life that reiterate that 'the journey is more important than the destination'.
how true!
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