Friday, November 19, 2004

Using the Four letter Word

Today was the most embarassing moment of my life.

This evening, I was on my way back to the hostel walking along with a good buddy who was cycling along. We were as usual talking all sorts of things like as usual as it happens when two good friends talk. Talk went on all the way from Classical Music to Campus Publications to Acads to Profs and Departments.

We were discussing about profs and our man asks about faculty and i was telling him they are all good but there are a few of them and used the four letter f letter word to describe them, when just in front of us, i find a Prof of my dept walking just in front of us. I just had the biggest shock of my life. Though he is one of the coolest men around, i just turned fully pale. He did not turn back, but i am sure he knows it is me. I just vanished to the other side of the road and just walked past him in a jiffy. Though nothing happened then, i m sure i m gonna have tough time sometime in the future.

This is when i am reminded of the BoFi and his good friend Radio, amongst others who in the recent past had adviced me not to use the four lettered f word very profoundly. I hope to atleast from now on avoid.

I am still worried of being roasted sometime in the future. People pray for me.


Obligatory Info-bits:

This good friend Radio, for some reason hopefully known to him, calls me a GULT TEENAGER. Personally, the first word in the expression is considered an abuse but the second is a compliment taken in spirits good enough to wink off the abusive part.

I did the same thing once.Not any abuse but a similar turn-pale moment.It was during an interview for something and after mine was over I was sitting with the rest of the junta(some 12 ppl totally) and genly chatting.So the guy incharge is Mr or Dr or something L* (some 60 yr guy da...almost ur age...LOlz :) j/k ).So I gen addressed him by his first name or some shortened version of the same or something like that .And then he walks in when I am almost at my loudest.
Gosh, that was painful...

If you didnt get that.Too bad.I wont explain again.
*name changed in my best interests
well i met the prof in a corridor this morning and he just gave the normal smile he use to give me even earlier. Now, this guy is a cool prof and actually one of the sensible guys around so would have accepted my comments to be true and just forgot...
Hey.. i hope nothing happens.. definitely will remember u when i hear the f word.. my friend and i decided to get rid of this habit..cause we used to use it occassionally.. and every time we used this word.. we d put a rupee coin in a jar.. so we started watching our mouths..

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