Thursday, January 19, 2006

Women Heads of States

The above is a link which lists the Worlds Women who head their state. Well, There are quite a few things which struck me, when i went thro' this. Firstly, it was by accident i clicked on this link and just went thro' it.

Why should there be such a special feature about women heading their state? what is new to it? My only cause of astonishment was that there are only 10 of them, in probably 200+ countries in the world. Probably such low a number could just be the reason for a special feature on them.

India has had quite a few women holding top posts in the states and Mrs Gandhi has been the Prime Minister. We are yet to have a Woman President. That would also soon happen, I guess. Najma Heptullah has been eyeing the post since ages now. The chances are now bleak for her, but there should be somebody else in the near future.

What is the intention of this post on the blog? Well felt like making noise about the particular link i saw. Otherwise, When women are doing almost every other thing in the world a man does, why should a woman get special attention for doing it?

Six Out of the ten are from US .Seems Skewed a lot.
how is that? you mean educated in US?
yo.. saw yr comment on my blog. here are the answers:

2. Tulsidas
3. XXX = Ved Vyas YYY = Satyavati ZZZ = Deva Vrata.
4. Dhritasthadyumna - The purpose of his birth was to kill Drone
5. Amba, Ambika, and their maid's children born out of boons given by ved vyasa.
6. Maya
7. Dharma
8. Durvasa
9. XXX = Kakbhusundi (crow) and Garuda (vishnu's vehicle)
10. One set of yugas
11. Deer scene
12. Father of Shravan, because Dashratha has killed Shravana.
13..Curse: That Lord Vishnu dring his incarnation on Earth would have to bea the pangs of his wife's forcible separation from him and only a monkey would be able to save him
14. Parikshit . YYY = Ashwathama. Parikhit mean "one who see or examines". He saw the lord protecting him even before he was born.
15. cow: Earth. Bull: Dharma. Beating person: Kali (this is the advent of kali-yuga)
16. Diti: asuras. Aditi: Suras.
17. Meru parvat. and vasuki the serpent (chief of serpents)
18. Lord Hanuman
19. Urmila, wife of Laxman.
20. She appeared from the bottom of the ocean in the ocean-churning !
21. jarasandh's father had two wives. After praying to shiva he had obtained a fruit whihch he diveded among his two wives.
"Sri Rama, the Almighty Redeemer, who ferries millions of souls across this ocean of worldliness seeks himself to be ferried across the river today! Lord seeks help from his Bhakta! I must have done some good work in my past birth to get this opportunity to serve Rama. O Compassionate One, to deem my fare, I will wait for fourteen years on this bank of river till your return."
23. Boatman
24. Lakshman
25. Sheshnag, the snake that is the seat and shlter of Lord Vishnu.
26. Caveri
27. Pootna
i think its great.
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