Wednesday, February 08, 2006

film music

This was a tag Kesavan put on me, ages ago. found myself jobless enuf to fill it now.

Number of albums I own

No clue. May be about 15-20

First Album that I bought

Kadhalan cassette, after a big fight with my dad.

Last Album I bought(not including downloaded stuff):

not sure. long time since i bought one.

Currently listening to

nengil kudi irukkum - P Leela in the movie Irumbu Thirai
dil cheez kya hai from umrao jaan

Albums that I'd want to take with me if marooned on a deserted island(20 albums):

Well, definetely not film music. Just a radio which can tune into FM Gold and Rainbow.

Favourite singers
Male: SPB and TMS. I hate KJY
Female: Asha, no one else at all.
Duets: Nobody impressive

Songs that you are most likely to hear me sing or hum:

nengil kudi irukkum - P Leela in the movie Irumbu Thirai

Favorite Lyrics:

cant think of any now. so planning to publish the post without putting anything in this column.

Anyone wanting to get tagged for this can ask me. I will do the needful.

Why do you hate KJY? He's stud, da. May I humbly recommend what I think is his best - Chitchor in Hindi? I've also heard some Tam non-filmi songs where he's amazing.

You talking of Kadhalan reminded me - that was one of the casettes I quite loved once upon a time(that's the one in which SPB plays Prabhu Deva's dad, right?)

Quite agree about SPB, though. He's brilliant in some dig songs I've heard. Hmm, maybe you ought to attempt some Pardesi music sometime. I can put fundaes if you ask nicely enough.:).

You dont have to tag me. I'm not that jobless.:-P.
I also suggest that you attempt to appreciate the great music of Himesh Reshamaiyya. Just so you may refine your musical tastes, that's all.:D.
I feel KJY is bad. I have heard quite a few of his songs in all indian languages in films and otherwise. I somehow cannot get myself to like him. There are probably one or two really good songs, which i cannot deny, but as a good singer, i can never accept him.

u r right about kadhalan movie.

pardesi music? what? suggest? this is the most humble i can get.

What is Himesh Reshamaiyya? is it name of somebody?
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