Friday, February 10, 2006

Friends' Weddings

Today was the most happening day for quite sometime now. Attending four weddings in a day is not something easy at all. Two in the morning and two in the evening.

The first was a senior from IIT Madras. The second being that of a M Sc class mate from IITM and the third being a good friend and the fourth being a School classmate, in the order i attended. And yeah, i did grub at all the places. The first one for morning tiffin. A normal one. The second one, full muhurtha saapadu in iyengar style from akkAravadisal and puliyodarai to kArAsev. It was good. At the first reception i took only the starters and some light crunchies to keep myself atleast half empty for the next reception. The last one, well the full course reception meal, with all the items served leaving no green patch visibly left on the leaf. Good it was yet again. For somebody who eats in Hostel mess everyday, anything served outside there should be good i guess. The grass is greener on the otherside, always.

The last one was the one i wanted to very badly attend, just for the fact that i can meet all those who studied with me in the same class for atleast a dozen years till about 7-8 years ago. My gosh, school was good fun. I still feel lost, when i realise that i have not made as many good friends after i left school. Almost eight years down the line, with people living all over the world, we all get to meet each other only on such occasions like a wedding or a preplanned gettogether. People come down from wherever to attend such meetings. Invariably be it wedding receptions or gettogethers, food is assured and usually expected to be very good.

Like all good things, the evening rather ended short, before all the 20 of us could exchange plesantaries and ask about whereabouts, the meeting had to be closed. The reception was over the groom, who was the classmate, was not anymore willing to entertain us. All the people had left. Only our gumbal was around and we did leave.

After all, school life is the most happy part of life. Life gets sadder with every passing day. The older you grow, the sadder your life becomes. sob sob.

Of the class of 43, 3 guys and 3 girls are married. 2 men are engaged and atleast 3-4 have fiancees to be engaged and married. Leaving out those who are not in contact, there are still about 30 of us yet to decide on marraige and all such worldly issues. So, i am not left out.

First of all why did i feel left out, Oh yeah, my dad told me 'You dont u love a female.' :P

Life gets sadder with every passing day. The older you grow, the sadder your life becomes. sob sob.

why?!? college life might not be as good as school life but still, dont tell me you totally dont like this place for you to give such statements...
college life does have all its happiness. But it is still not as good as school used to be. atleast to me.
I totally agree that schoo life had its fun. I am realising that now, meeting school frnds after really long.
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