Thursday, July 06, 2006

Easy way to get ur tooth broken


What you find above is a depiction of the indian bread naan and one of the customary sidedishes one gets it served with, viz., malai koftha.

On tuesday evenings, our mess claims to be serving this naan and malai koftha for dinner, but, what we find served is more aptly christenable as rubber - kalai* koftha. After eating this over two weeks, i have developed some kind of pain in a particular molar tooth.

Mess grub is getting shadier with every passing day.

*kalai is a word used in madras tamil. people who dont know madras tamil contact nearest person who can explain u better. approximate meaning however is being sarcastic.

what the hell is that?????????
what the hell is what?
lol @ kalaai kofta :)) Anyway, you will learn to worship IITM mess food after you get a taste of what gets served here at IITD :p
Good that I am not using the mess at least till the the sem begins!
dei...IITM grub rules da... u have not grubbed anywhere else other than ur home i guess... thats the problem! go eat in ge and other places around whitefield and you will know.
btw..ur tooth are paining coz u r getting old and not because of the mess grub [;)]
unna rendu naal andha asingatha thinga vecha thaan unakku theriyum da randi
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