Monday, February 13, 2006



Time Wasting Tactics as it is called in Just A Minute (JAM).

What does one do, when one is particular got nothing else to do? I dont know, what i have been doing since quite some time. I should be doing research for loooooooong hours a day. Am I actually doing, well dont know. I dont want to take an audit and see what am I doing.

Sleep for nothing less than 8 hours a day. One hour with paper. One hour for Sudokus on Hindu and Express and reading hindu again. One hour atleast to have my evening walk to gate. One hour to swim. One hour for Lunch. One hour for Dinner. One hour for miscellaneous activities. One hour each in the morning, afternoon and night for emails and orkut. I hopefully am doing 6 hours of research atleast a day. Toooooo less, how does one turn tables.

well, therila.

Hey Tweety, 3 hours a day for Orkut and email??? You that joblessaaa?

Anyways, your life's brilliantly idyllic-ally peaceful, da. Makes overworked employees jealous.:).

As regards the how-to-turn-a-table query, you lift the table, carry it to the orientation you want, and place it upon the ground. Hope that helped.
The one hour in the morning, afti and evening for blog, orkut and net, is it an hour at a stretch or dispersed too out the day? if so, well.. it is good.. I am in total disarray, thanks to the above three, cannot sit for even half an hour at a stretch and go through something :(
how does one turn tables.

1. Realising that you need to do something
2. Wanting to do that something
3. Knowing, what must be done.
3. Finally, Doing that something

If you are sure you have completed step 1 and 2,3 then there is some point in thinking of step 4.
Shamanth, that was very useful da.

Sreejith, the time periods are rounded to the nearest hour and yeah, not having a comp in the room or a dedicated comp for yourself helps in restricting comp time, however 3 hours may be a sinfully low amount of time quoted.

wandering vaatever, who are u? i know steps 1, 2 and 3 for ages now. still step 4 isnt happening easily and thats the whole problem.
How many hours for blogging? That can be fairly time consuming if you like it.
bhandh tweety roxs man !
u knwo tweety was initially in pink colour!
hiren, blogging is not a daily activity to be taken into account. reading others' blogs is included in the time for mails...

pushkala, tweety of coz rocks. but, u serious, tweety was in pink :O
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