Friday, July 21, 2006

Of Lecture and Pain

Recently i had to attend a lecture. It turned out to be as i had expected. It was far from anything useful and more of personal publicity for the speaker.

Now, i wasnt surprised at this lecture, as i was expecting it to be of that kind only. I did go sit there for the sake of things like attendance and also to make sure that i had done my bit of volunteering for the organisers by being a part of the audience.

This is not the first such lecture i had attend, nor was he the only man to give such talks. These are some people who have a unimaginably high necessity for people to surrond them and keep telling them that they are the gods. They cannot live without somebody or the other praising them atleast once an hour. And on such occasions, they go around self-praising (rather boasting) and telling the world, "see i am thee". Unfortunately or otherwise, usually such people thro' all their self propoganda to the masses get themselves to highly authoritative posts and end up being decision makers.

To come up in one's life, one has to either fight them and win, which is going to be not all that easy or buttress them and fall into the group which surronds them and praises them for some favours in personal and public and professional life.

Back to the lecture, the speaker was a very quick witted and vocal man. He is one who can speak his way thro' anywhere. He spoke of all that he has done in the past couple of years and calls it all old work, while all that he did yesterday and the day before are the only new stuff. everything else is old.

Here are some of his statements and my thoughts about them:

"Oh my god, whatever i think works and it turns out to be giving good results. i dont get the time to write and publish them coz i start thinking and doing something else, also, people keep calling me to give lectures."

why should this man be called to give a public lecture?

"This is something i did recently. i cant tell u how i did it because, i need to publish it, and i cant tell u its uses as i need to patent it"

ok fine, we accept ur motives. What is the use to know that you have dont that, without knowing how and why you did it? i dont care, unless u answer how and why?

"If you keep thinking about ur subject it will help u in all ways. If you start doing politics and become secretary to the department and all, science would leave u"

Aren't u an advisor to the executive which rules this country?

Well, there are more such statements and i can go on and on.

What does one really gain out of such lectures?
a. A cup of coffee.
b. If one is fortunate enough, like yours truly, a good hour of sleep in an airconditioned auditorium.
c. Enough material to write a post on blog.
In the greater good, as to how one should earn a name and market one's self.

And the most important realisation of life... it is much advisable to accept people for what they are, especially when they end up achieving :)
u still attend emls????? only one in ten are good
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